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Still crazy about golf after all these years

ONE of the best decisions that Eileen Binding ever made was taking up golf and becoming a member of Enmore Park back in 1974, writes Richard Walsh.

Her husband Paul had been playing for several years and became a member at Enmore in 1972 when the course was extended from nine to 18 holes.

She said: “My attitude was if you can’t beat them join them and I haven’t looked back since.”

Since then Eileen has become fully involved at Enmore where over the years she has served as competition secretary and treasurer for the Ladies Section, been Lady Captain twice and also been Chairman for three years.

She has also been heavily involved with Somerset County Golf and has served as both county president and treasurer.

In the years since starting to play Eileen’s passion for the game has remained as keen as ever and she is currently coaching administrator for Somerset junior girls.

She said: “I took on the role six or seven years ago and I organize and oversee all of the girls’ coaching sessions.

“It’s a job I enjoy very much and working with all of the girls and their parents is a real pleasure

“Our mission is to allow the best players to rise to the top and to give all of the girls who play a really healthy and sociable physical activity to be involved with.”

How did Covid affected the Somerset Junior Golf in 2020?

“Sadly we have had to cancel some of our events. We managed to run a restricted girls championship although this year it had to be over 18 rather then the normal 36 holes.

“We also managed to run the Autumn meeting and we had one coaching session in October, but since then things have been forced to stop.”

Looking ahead Eileen said: “Hopefully we will have the championship in June and inter county matches against five other counties, which is a three day event.

“It’s just a delightful thing to be involved with. The ultimate plan is to get girls interested in playing golf in the first place and then keep them interested. “

Anyone who wants to find out more about the Girls Player Pathway can log onto the Somerset Juniors website



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