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HInkley Point B power station

LETTER: Roll on Hinkley B decommissioning

FAR from celebrating the return to ‘action’ of Hinkley Point B (‘ Green light for Hinkley B to start producing power again’ ), we should be concerned and amazed.

Hinkley B is a hangover from the days when getting an old car through its MoT was a nerve-wracking business. For a start, there was that sharp intake of a mechanic’s breathe when he cast eyes on the rusty old banger and started thinking about his bill.

Instead of querying whether the wad of dosh demanded by said mechanic was money well spent, EdeF just went ahead and splashed out £3m, as if it was somebody else’s money. Which, of course, it is, as it’ll be the French Government picking up the tab for HPB.

And if the mechanic had said that all that money would only keep the banger running for another six months, if you were lucky, surely you’d have paused for thought?

But no, on EdeF marches regardless, crossing its fingers that the captured regulator with its arm twisted will sign off another six months of HPB output, wait and see, and then put us all at risk by hitting the highway with the reactors in an even worse state. That’s the concern part.

It’s not as if we don’t have other cars in the garage. In the case of electricity generation, more and more renewable generation coming on stream while HPB has festered. Or we could do without the car for a bit, in electricity’s case making more homes energy efficient, like the new factory-built homes in Bridgwater.  Just doing that would not only make HPB redundant but make HPC pointless as the electricity for 7% of homes would have been saved by energy efficiency.

In case you’ve not noticed, there was no need for the reboot as the lights never went off without them – both HPB reactors had been off-line for the best part of a year prior to this pointless restart.

Yes, there was a Lockdown and less industrial and commercial demand for electricity, but domestic use increased. That’s the amazing part, that anyone thought there was a need to restart the dodgy reactors at all.

Our MP, who surely deserves to be on the EdeF PR payroll, predictably continues to roll out uncritical guff about how wonderful everything HPB is. Yes, it’s been going a long time but it’s a rusty old banger now and the time for its date with the crusher is now.

The workforce deserve credit for running the operational risks while EdeF creamed off the profits in the golden years and their payoffs and pensions will be deserved. Roll on HPB decommissioning!

Roy Pumfrey  (Stop Hinkley Campaign)

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