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A member of the Coastguard watches the helicoper leave

Walker dies on Brean Down

A WALKER died on Brean Down yesterday afternoon despite the best efforts of the public, ambulance crews and Burnham-on-Sea coastguards.

Passers by stopped to give medical assistance before medics arrived and then the Coastguard.

A Burnham Coastguard spokesperson said: “We were paged to assist the ambulance service with a medical emergency along the military road on Brean Down.


“We were tasked with setting up a helicopter landing site and some crowd control as a number of people had gathered to see what was going on.

“Our team were quickly in position to create a working area for the ambulance teams and a suitable landing area with access readied in a field for the HM Coastguard helicopter that had dropped off their winchman at the top of the Down.

“A number of medical teams arrived to deal with the emergency, including a heli-med team and the ambulance Hazardous Area Response Team to join the first responder and initial crews.”

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