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Statement issued by daughter of David and Penelope Jackson

ISABELLE Potterton has released the following statement after her mother, Penelope Jackson, was today sentenced to life imprisonment murder.  

“On 13 February my whole world fell away from my feet. From the moment when the police knocked on our door and told us what had happened, I had not only lost my dad but I had lost my mum too. My life was changed forever.

“I have dealt with the looks of pity and people contacting for the gossip. I have dealt with people asking the most inappropriate questions.

“I have done all of this because I have had to. I have to be strong for dad. I have to be strong for mum.

“I have lost the man that I looked up to and loved. I have lost the man that was always there for me no matter what. The man that came and fixed things in my house which I didn’t know even needed fixing. The man that could make me laugh.

“But I feel I have also lost my mum. I have lost the woman who always knew how to make me feel better. The woman who was my friend, my champion and my support. The woman who cared, cherished and loved me.

“Yes I know mum is here but she’s not the same person I knew. I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that the relationship I once cherished can never be built back to what it was.

“However, I love both of them. I always have and I always will.

“I would finally like to thank family and friends who have supported us over the past eight months, especially my husband who has been a rock to me.

“I don’t believe we’ll ever come to terms with what has happened but would sincerely ask for our privacy to be respected as we seek to move forward with our lives.”

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