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The stag runs free after his ordeal

RSPCA complete rescue mission to save red stag entangled in electric fencing

A STAG which had become entangled in electric fencing in the Quantock Hills was set free after the RSPCA stepped in to rescue the stricken animal.

RSPCA officers Miranda Albinson and Alison Sparkes were joined by specialist wildlife vet David Couper to help the red deer stag at a horse paddock in Spaxton.

The stag – which had wire and tape tightly wound around his antlers, head and neck – was still mobile and running around when the team arrived to carry out the tricky release.

Inspector Albinson said: “We were able to funnel him towards the stables and yard, giving me the chance to carefully approach him.


Spaxton stag gets cut free web


“The deer was extremely distressed and very lively, thrashing around trying to free himself.

“He had the electric fencing tangled around his antlers and dragging from his head which was causing him to panic.

“Once he was sedated and calm, we were able to carefully and quickly remove the fencing before placing him in a safe area as we didn’t want him to panic and be in any danger once he started to rouse from the sedation.

“We monitored him from nearby and were able to see him regain consciousness and get back on his feet.

Tough rescue

“It was a tough rescue but it’s always the best part of the job to see such a beautiful, powerful animal in the prime of his life finally free and released back into the wild.”

A spokesperson for the charity added: “The RSPCA is often called out to rescue animals who have got trapped or tangled in netting and fencing. We urge people to pack netting away when not in use, and to ensure fencing is intact and regularly checked to ensure no wildlife has become tangled.

“To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit our website or call our donation line on 0300 123 8181.”



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