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‘Reckless’ motorcyclists slammed for riding in alleyways and play park

POLICE are telling motorcyclists to stop riding through alleyways in Puriton, calling their behaviour ‘extremely reckless’ and ‘dangerous’.

And they are warning their bikes could be seized if they don’t stop.

A spokesperson for the Sedgemoor and Hinkley Point Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “We are asking the motorcycle riders using alleyways around Manse Lane, Puriton Park and Maple Close in the evenings to stop immediately.

“The manner of driving witnessed would be considered dangerous on a normal road, so it is appalling that this is being done on narrow footpaths which are used by pedestrians, children and dog walkers around a small child’s play park.

“This is extremely reckless/dangerous and could result in Section 59s being issued in addition to the riders being dealt with for driving offences.

“For those that aren’t aware of Section 59s, these can be issued by a Police Constable or Police Community Support Officer and the legislation allows a constable to seize a vehicle suspected of being used in a manner causing ‘alarm, distress or annoyance’. Unlike penalty points or speeding fines there is no right of appeal in court.”

Police are also urging local residents to ‘remain cautious’ while using the alleyways.

Anyone with video footage of the nuisance riders – or information about the incidents – is being asked to contact police on 101.




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