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NHS App turns three with more than 20 million users

THE NHS App, launched three years ago today, now has over 22 million users and is one of the UK’s most downloaded apps.

The app, which is managed by NHS Digital, was also the most downloaded free iPhone app this year.

An NHS spokesperson said: “Users are benefitting from easier access to NHS services, with the app providing quick and secure access to a variety of digital health services, including booking appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions, as well as accessing the NHS Covid Pass.

“Since the app was launched, a total of 10.4m repeat prescriptions have been ordered and 1.1m GP appointments have been booked through it, saving valuable time for patients and clinicians.

“In the past six months, 6.2m repeat prescriptions have been ordered and 641,000 GP appointments have been booked.

“Additionally, a total of 316,000 people have used the app to manage their organ donation decision, with over 170,000 registrations in the last six months.

“Registering a preference helps NHS specialist nurses to quickly understand what people want to happen to their organs, and enables them to discuss their wishes directly with their family.”


Minister for Innovation, Lord Kamall, said: “Technology has been a lifeline for so many during the pandemic and, crucially, it has helped us in our fight against Covid-19.

“Many of us are grateful for how communications technology allowed us to keep in touch with loved ones.

“In addition, better technology has also helped improve our system of healthcare by allowing clinicians to remotely monitor the health of patients, enabling people to order prescriptions online and to access their Covid-19 vaccine records, making events and travel safer.

“We are committed to continuing to build on the progress we’ve seen to transform the health and social care sector and we must all continue to do our part to keep everyone safe – Get Boosted Now.”

Matthew Gould, Chief Executive of NHSX, said: “We developed the NHS Covid Pass at extraordinary speed, and have kept updating it to meet the changing needs of the country as we deal with the pandemic. It is now an important tool in keeping people safe in the face of the Omicron variant.”



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