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PHOTO: Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team.

Mystery as woman calls 999 to say husband is drowning but major four hour search finds nothing

EMERGENCY services launched a multi-agency search off Brean Down last night over fears that two people were in trouble in the water.

They swung into action after a woman called 999 saying she had gone into the water to save her drowning husband. Her phone then cut out.

The search was called off after four hours and now the Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team are appealing for information.

The couple have not been heard from since and the coastguard want anyone who witnessed the incident, or the couple themselves, to get in contact.

Lifeboats, teams on foot and a coastguard rescue helicopter began looking for the couple yesterday evening at about 10pm but stood down at about 2pm after no evidence of the incident or sighting the people involved.

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A statement on Facebook from Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team said: “Our team and our Coastguard family from Weston-Super-Mare Coastguard Rescue Team were tasked and on arrival at the reported location quickly checked the initial area for any signs of persons either in the water, on the shore or nearby looking wet and distressed.

“While this was going on, lifeboats from RNLI Weston Lifeboat Station and Barry Dock RNLI and the Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 187 were being given search patterns that are created by the team in the MRCC.

“A foot team did a hasty shoreline search looking for footprints and any physical evidence of people in the area.

Fresh tide

“The fresh tide leaves a blank canvas as it recedes and the time of the call would mean they were below the high water mark.

“The second vehicle did a slow and steady sweep of the beach with full lights and torches and after liaising with the Avon and Somerset Police they said a phone ping had established the last known position further south around the South Road car park area.

“We relocated to that area so our Officer In Charge could keep close contact with the police and while doing so requested that BARB Search & Rescue – Burnham-on-Sea hovercraft were tasked to commence a search of the newly exposed beach and mud flats.

“As the searches continued into the night, with the water and air assets stepping outwards into deeper water and busily carrying out the search patterns given by the Coastguard control room in Milford Haven.

Search expanded

“Our Coastguard teams expanded the search to Burnham and one of the BARB Hovercraft were diverted to cover that section also.

“With the possible drift area covered and exceeded by all units and with nothing found and no more information or persons reported missing the search was eventually called off by our control room and all units were stood down and returned to their respective stations.

“And a return home at 0200. If anyone knows the persons involved or spotted a couple in the area looking wet and distressed then please do contact us.”





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