0 The coastguard vehicle in Brean
Photo: Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team.

Major search for kayakers at Brean called off overnight

EMERGENCY services launched a full-scale search off Brean beach last night after fears that two kayakers were missing.

Both the police and coastguard were called to the beach after two people were spotted entering the water with an inflatable kayak, with the vessel later spotted empty out in the water.

The coastguard helicopter was in operation overhead as officers and coastguard members scoured the area, searching the beach, sea and local caravan parks.

A statement from Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard reveals that with no new information, no one being reported missing and nobody claiming the kayak, the operation was stood down late on Friday night.

However, anyone with information is still urged to call 101.

The coastguard statement reads: “Lifeboats were quickly tasked by our marine rescue co-ordination centre in Milford Haven and given the location of the kayak.

“Once found it was then used by the Coastguard Operations Centre as a marker to create a search grid for the lifeboats.

Helicopter called out

“Helicopter HM Coastguard Rescue 187 was also tasked and overhead in quick time.

“Whilst this was happening we were busy gathering information from the first informants who gave an accurate description of the kayak and the moment they realised something may be wrong.

“We also searched the beach talking to many of the beach users enjoying the weather and high tide while also keeping a look out for anyone in distress or unattended clothing.

“The police were checking car parks, and distributing information to the local caravan parks in case anyone was either missing or had lost the kayak.”

Daylight fading

The statement adds: “With daylight fading and a lot search area covered by all teams including our coastguard family from Weston-super-Mare Coastguard Rescue Team who had joined us it was decided to stand all the units down.

“With no new info, no one being reported as missing or nobody claiming the kayak, it was thought that no one was in danger, however we would still ask that if anyone had any info to please do call 101 with the log number (1104).

“The inflatable two-man kayak was yellow and grey in colour with explorer written on the side and last seen in the Brean/Berrow beach area with two persons on-board.

“If you see anyone in danger or difficulty then please dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.”

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