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Hinkley protesters mark six months since silo collapse

STOP Hinkley members gathered at the Hinkley C site to draw attention to the six months that have elapsed since the silo collapse there.

On June 10, a silo containing granulated slag collapsed dramatically with a bang like an explosion and released a massive dust cloud.

Stop Hinkley spokesman Roy Pumfrey said: “Fortunately, none of the workers on the site were killed or injured.

“But recent tragic events with the silo accident near Bristol have shown that this was simply good luck. Hundreds of tonnes of slag dropped from the silo, leaving the structure so unstable that it was hastily demolished.

“While it was clearly going to take some time to piece together the fractured metal parts of the silo for metallurgical analysis, EDF appears
to lack input from the worker in charge of the silo at the time of the

“The regulator seems happy to let so much time elapse before EDF produces a report on the accident. Stop Hinkley believes workers and nearby residents deserve transparency on what happened, rather than a delay that seems to sweep the dust under the

EDF said at the Transport Forum on November 26 – a meeting reported on the EDF website – that they anticipated sending the report to the Office for Nuclear Regulation ‘by the end of the year’.

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