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Gravity link road – your questions answered

HERE is the transcript from the Gravity Link Road Zoom update held on January 20.

Q – When will the roundabout diversion on the A29 go live?

A – The A39 between Hall Road and Hillside will be closed from February 8 until February 20. The A39 will re-open on February 21. Residents of properties on the A39 will have access during the closure.

 Q – When will the route to and from the A39 via Hillside be cut off?

A – This will happen at the end of March, not until the A39 roundabout is live.

 Q- When will the Green Bridge be reinstated between portion and escarpment?

A – This bridge will be open from May. The foundations will be finished in early February, then 28 days wait is required for the concrete to cure, followed by the pre-cast concrete sections and additional work to build to bridle path. The overall Link Road will be finished after May, because we require the Green Bridge to be open first.

 Q – A resident at the top of Hillside is concerned about noise and light pollution already affecting them with the sound of the plant and the generator. They are worried that the bund is not effective there.

A- The bund itself is not yet completed. When complete we believe it will do its job, to protect residents from the sound of traffic on the Link Road once operational. This is not the same as the noise that is generated from the construction of the Link Road itself.

The noise is coming from a generator from a small health and welfare unit. It recharges batteries. When it is running it emits a noise equivalent to a small lawn mower. The site does not open until 7am, within the regulated time.

RE light pollution – there is some light pollution in the morning now because of how short the days are through winter months.

In the section 106, there is an allowance for attenuation measures, double glazing, and other attenuation measures. This will be administered by Sedgemoor District Council, the parish councils and Gravity. When the development of the site progresses, anybody who has a concern over noise pollution can apply to the panel for grant money towards noise attenuation measures.

 Q- Can we have a simple guide to access the top of Hillside? When it is closed to through traffic will pedestrian access be gated?

A – No, pedestrian access will not be gated, the junction between Hillside and the Link Road is a four-way junction, the Hillside section to the south of the link road (which will be closed off) will be a public access road. There will be a pedestrian crossing on the Link Road where walkers can proceed towards the Bridle path.

Q – A local youth group sponsored by the police want to enquire if they could plant daffodil bulbs on the bund?

A- Yes this can be arranged, we will just need to co-ordinate with all parties towards ensuring that health and safety standards are upheld, as the front of the bund is quite steep.

Q – How long is the temporary footpath behind Puriton park in place?

A- Until May. When the Green Bridge is opened, pedestrians will have access to Knowle Hill ridge.

 Q- When the road is closed to vehicles on Hillside, will pedestrians still have access to the bridle path?

A- Yes, pedestrians will be able to cross the Link Road via the pedestrian crossing, to walk up towards the closed section of Hillside and onto the bridle path.

 Q – Once Hillside is closed – who will maintain the entrance and edges going down to the link road, Gravity or back to SDC?

A- Everything between the fence line and the Link Road will be managed by Gravity, including the provision of dog litter bins and bags. The Link Road itself and roundabouts will be managed by Somerset County Council. We will work with the council and councillors to ensure this is properly managed.

 Q- What is going to close the top of Hillside, will it be bollards?

A- There will be a kerb and a pavement because the top of Hillside becomes an enlarged bus stop.

 Q – When the A39 is closed, will traffic be diverted through Puriton Village?

A – A Somerset County Council approved diversion will be used; we expect the majority of traffic will follow the signed diversion.

The rumours that residents of Puriton would only have access to the village through Woolavington during the A39 road closure are not true. You will be able to access Puriton from the East (Hillside) and the West (Hall Road).

 Q – When the A39 is closed to tie in the RA, is there a chance that Hillside will become a rat run down to Woolavington Road?

A- There will be clear and advanced signage for access only for the residents. Alun Griffiths will be monitoring for anyone who is ignoring the diversion. If drivers do ignore the diversion signs, there is nowhere for them to turn around at the top of Hillside.

Gravity and Alun Griffiths will look to discuss the signage which Somerset County Council. We may have to specify that no commercial vehicles and no articulated vehicles should be allowed through as they may block the entire village.















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