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Driver slams into stationary car at East Brent while using mobile phone

A 50-YEAR-OLD man who admitted driving without due care and attention after causing a collision while using his mobile phone at the wheel has been fined and given nine points on his driving licence. 

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset police said: “Mark Loughlin, who is from Yate, was sentenced at Bath Magistrates’ Court on Friday, October to a £482 fine, the driving points on his licence and was also ordered to pay £110 costs and £48 victim surcharge.

“At about 1.15pm on the 29th September 2020, Loughlin was driving his Citroen Relay on the A370 when shortly after the East Brent roundabout his mobile phone rang.

“Whilst attempting to connect the phone to his Bluetooth hands free kit, he collided with a Land Rover Discovery after failing to notice that it was stationary and indicating right to turn into Old Bristol Road.

“The driver of the Discovery, a woman in her 60s, was initially trapped in her vehicle and was later taken to hospital to be treated for her injuries. Loughlin suffered no injuries. Both cars suffered significant damage.”

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