cheddar reservoir
Cheddar reservoir. PHOTO: Jenny Fairbrother

Cheddar Reservoir a ‘no-go’ area for swimmers, say Bristol Water

VISITORS to Cheddar Reservoir have been warned to follow safety rules this summer if they want it to stay open.

Last summer persistent issues with swimming, anti-social behaviour and littering led to the reservoir being closed to the public on particularly hot days, with the paths and car parks closed off.

With temperatures rising, Bristol Water say they want to avoid a repeat.

People have been urged not to swim there due to various dangers in the water, with parents advised to speak to their children about the risks.

Estates manager Steve Smith said: “We understand that closing the reservoir feels unfair for those who use it responsibly – we want to keep the path open and see closing the reservoir as a last resort.

“We’re appealing to everyone in the area – especially parents – to remind others to stay to the path if you’re visiting, and that it’s not safe to swim in the reservoir.

“We’re all for fun and good times, but only when it’s safe, the reservoir must be used for walks on the path only.”

Officers and rangers will be monitoring the situation and further closures have not been ruled out if people fail to pay attention.

Bristol Water’s website says hidden machinery, cold water shock and risk of toxic algae all mean that the reservoir is not a safe place to swim in.


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