view of reactor 1 nuclear island hinkley c

BBC puts the spotlight on Hinkley Point C in new four part series

THE construction of the nuclear power station Hinkley Point C is being featured in a prime time documentary series on BBC 2.

The first of four episodes aired last night with the second scheduled for next Wednesday (June 9) at 9pm.

The BBC says: “With unique behind-the-scenes access, this series follows the construction workers at Hinkley Point C, Britain’s biggest and newest nuclear power station, which is being built in a remote corner of the Somerset countryside.

“With a price tag of over £22 billion and covering an area the size of 250 football pitches, this extraordinary construction site is one of the largest in Europe and the UK’s first new nuclear power station for a generation.

“This series follows the engineers, technicians and the behind-the-scenes staff who are under pressure to keep the project on track, including building the mammoth foundations for the two nuclear reactors, excavating 3.5km cooling water tunnels out under the Bristol Channel and constructing the critical airtight inner steel lining, designed to contain any radioactive material in the unlikely event of a meltdown.”

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