Advancing riding courses available for motorcyclists

A NEW initiative for motorcyclists has been launched by Somerset County Council’s road safety team working with Avon and Somerset police.

Somerset Road Safety (SRS) want to raise awareness of advanced riding techniques across the West of England.  Motorcyclists make up only about 1-2% of traffic but represent about 21-23% of all road casualties in the UK.

A spokesperson for SRS said: “The initiative, called ‘Raise your Ride’ will be carried out in the form of public events in various locations, delivering the necessary knowledge and theory for attendees who can then apply what they have learned to their commute or their leisure on their bikes.”

The next event is in Wellington on Sunday, May 23, followed by Frome on Sunday, June 20, and then Yeovil on Sunday, September 5. The cost for the day is £45 per person. All you need to take to the events is a full Cat A or A1 licence and a motorcycle that can comfortably reach the national speed limit.

The spokesperson added: “Raise your Ride is a truly great initiative and it is great that we have collaborated with the police and many other partners regionally to deliver this important knowledge to the public.

“All the events in Somerset are currently open to the public and we encourage any motorcyclists to sign up and make our roads a safer place.

“Our webpage has a very important pre-read document, a Raise your Ride digital leaflet and all of our payment details, so please head to http://somersetroadsafety.org/page/raise-your-ride/124/ to sign up.

“You can also email roadsafety@somerset.gov.uk or call 01823 423430 to find out about course availability.”

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