Welcome to the first day of spring!

TODAY marks the spring equinox – the first day of spring under the astronomical calculation of the seasons – with the precise time of the switch technically occurring at 9.37am.

The astronomical spring lasts until the summer solstice, which this year lands on Monday, June 21.

Spring’s first day comes earlier with the meteorological definition, which is much simpler, splitting the year into four seasons of three full months based on the calendar, making it easier to compare seasonal and monthly statistics.

This means that every year spring begins on March 1 and lasts until May 31, with summer starting on June 1, autumn arriving on September 1 and winter following on December 1.

 Equinoxes get their name from the Latin for ‘equal night’, and mark the only two points in the year when the equator is the closest part of Earth to the sun, with both the northern and southern hemispheres sharing sunlight equally.

In theory, this means that everywhere on the planet should get 12 hours of daylight and darkness on those days, although this is complicated slightly by the Earth’s atmosphere affecting the way we see sunlight.

For six months each of the year, either the northern or southern hemisphere is pointing slightly more towards the sun, bringing the warmer temperatures of spring and summer.

The autumnal and spring equinoxes mark the point when the two hemispheres swap over, while the summer and winter solstices denote the sun reaching its most northerly and southerly points.


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