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Visit Bridgwater, tree by tree

BRIGWATER Town Council has brought out a ‘Treeflet’ – a small booklet which replaces the town guide this year and instead takes you on a history tour of the town, tree by tree.

The booklet has been written by Cllr Brian Smedley (pictured) and historian Miles Kerr-Peterson with specialist tree content by horticultural adviser Roy Cheek and evocative photography by Terence Peppin.

Cllr Smedley said: “There are 50 different trees in this book and you can follow a history trail around the town tree by tree learning about not just the fascinating history of Bridgwater but also about the trees themselves.

“In a year when there isn’t going to be much travel in or out of the area it’s a good staycation-treecation option for you.”

The guide can be picked up from the town hall and other outlets.

People can obtain a Treeflet for a small donation to the ‘Tree Fund’ thus converting paper back to trees.


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