2 chicks and Orla
Orla and her two chicks

UPDATE: Barn owls hatch first two eggs live on webcam

FINN and Orla, stars of Somerset Wildlife Trust’s barn owl livestream, have seen the first two of their four eggs hatch, with the next owlets due in the coming week.

The first egg hatched over the bank holiday weekend, on the morning of Sunday, May 2, with the second egg hatching just two days later on Tuesday

The couple set up home in January in a barn owl box in the Blackdown Hills for the second year in a row, having successfully fledged three chicks last year.

The livestream is SWT’s first since 2014, when their barn owl couple, Boris and Brenda, became instant internet sensations, attracting over a million and a half visits from people all over the world who tuned in to see seven eggs hatch – an unusually large brood. 

The trust is hoping to hold a naming contest for the new baby owlets and will be taking suggestions from the public. Keep an eye on Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for details coming soon.

The live stream is available at www.somersetwildlife.org/swtbarnowls

Kirby Everett, Head of Communications at the trust, said: “We’re really thrilled that the first two eggs have hatched successfully.  It’s a real privilege to have such an insight into barn owl family life.

“For people that aren’t able to get out to a nature reserve or green space to see wildlife, viewing a livestream is a connection to nature they might otherwise not make, and for others it reinforces the fact that we have an incredibly variety of wonderful wildlife in Somerset. 

“But it’s really important to highlight that nature is under great threat, and unless we look after the homes and habitats of species such as barn owls, there is a risk that we will continue to lose precious wildlife across the county for good.

“It’s important that we make more space for nature – and there’s lots of ideas of how to do that on our website, so be inspired and see what you can do today.”


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