Eva with netting caught around her Simon Withyman red
Eva with netting caught around her. PHOTO: Simon Withyman

Secret World hails ‘fantastic efforts’ of rescuers as injured fox is caught

A FOX’S six month ordeal – as she wandered around Bristol with netting caught around her neck – is finally over.

Eva, as she has now been named, was eventually caught and take to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre in Highbridge for treatment.

She is now receiving veterinary care and there is every chance that she will be able to go home in a few weeks.

Pauline Kidner, the charity’s founder, said: “Last year in November, we were told about a fox that had netting caught around her neck in Bristol.

“In these situations, we try to cage trap, but foxes are very difficult to catch.

“Weeks and months went by without any luck catching her and two people, in particular, spent many hours trying to find a way to get her so that the netting could be removed. Despite their fantastic efforts she was still avoiding capture.

“There was a concern that, as she was a young fox, the netting would grow into her skin after being around her body for so long.

“Last week these dedicated men finally caught her – nearly six months after she was first seen – and she was brought into Secret World for care. Amazingly the netting was cut away under anaesthetic and the wounds were found to be treatable.

“The incredible lengths that some people will go to, to help an animal in distress is really wonderful.

“We are so glad that we will be part of her recovery after she suffered for so long.”

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is always available for help and advice. Tel: 01278 783250


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