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LETTER: Huntworth incinerator an environmental monstrosity

WITH national, regional and local newspapers covering Somerset reduced to a sad state of minimal, untrained staffing, and chronic under-reporting or misunderstanding of important issues, it lifts spirits a little to read a paper that is unafraid to challenge the abuse of authority, whether commercial, elected or unelected.

I refer in particular to your coverage of the new Huntworth incinerator in your last issue (18).

It should be a scandal that – a few Bridgwater Labour councillors such as Kath Pearce apart – no-one was prepared to vote against this environmental monstrosity.

How can Sedgemoor allow thousands of tons of plastic to be consumed, and its fumes released into our, as yet, un-privatised air, for decades, when all of this plastic is supposed to be re-cyclable?

I am the secretary of Bridgwater and District Trades Union Council, but I say that 25 full-time jobs is too high a price to pay for our elected councillors betrayal of the precious air above us.

Dave Chapple

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