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‘Amazing’ survival of puffling found on Brean beach

A BABY puffin found tangled in some seaweed is being looked after at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill.

The puffin was discovered at Brean Beach and must have travelled a long way to reach the local shores.

He is in poor condition so will be needing support but is feeding on small fish which he is taking well.

It is the first time that a puffin has ever been taken in to the rescue centre that occasionally does get rare birds brought to the centre.

Spokesperson Dan Bryant said: “We have a nightjar in as well at the moment, so we are very lucky to get the opportunity of seeing these animals up close with their amazing features.

“It is amazing that the young puffin has survived the long distance that he must have travelled until the seaweed brought him ashore. Baby puffins are called pufflings and are usually kept down in burrows until they are old enough to learn to fly.”

The centre has been able to continue during the pandemic as an essential service as well as carrying on the care of wildlife despite building work for a new treatment centre over the last year.

Pauline Kidner, founder and advisor of Secret World, added: “We are looking forward to moving into our new building in the next month.

“Our staff and volunteers are amazing in the way that they have coped with all the changes as well as main utilities being cut at short notice.

“It’s wonderful that we shall eventually have an efficient and environmental new hospital to care for our many wildlife casualties.”

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