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Students enjoy prom at Bridgwater in spite of restrictions

BRIDGWATER College Academy managed to hold a low-key prom on Friday despite Covid-19 restrictions still being in place.

Year 11 students were looking forward to an evening out of eating, dancing and dressing up.

Although dancing wasn’t allowed, the Department of Education did allow ‘bubbles’ of students to mix, especially if it could be outside.

Hannah Bradshaw, a science teacher and Head of Year 11 said: “We decided to bring the event into the school, decorating an area of the primary site in bunting and fairy lights to transform it into a garden-style party.

“Despite the wind, the rain held off and we could enjoy two hours together, celebrating the students in their completion of school.”

The students arrived in all sorts of transport at 5pm, and were greeted with a welcome drink. They were then shown down a path lined with balloons and photos of their leaving day until they reached tables decorated with gold stars and name tags.

Students were then served canapés, desserts and could order an array of different mocktails. They also had the chance to have professional photos taken and could vote for the classic prom awards.

Hannah Bradshaw added: “The students left at 7pm, slightly chilly from the wind, but otherwise happy to have enjoyed a good event and off to celebrate some more with friends and family.

“The school staff pulled together amazingly to see that this event went successfully. Thank you to everyone who helped and was involved.”

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