brent knoll primary

New pre-school opens at Brent Knoll primary

A NEW state-of-the-art pre-school has been added to Brent Knoll primary, part of the Cheddar based Wessex Learning Trust group.

Miss Richens, the pre-school manager, is also the early years teacher for the school, ensuring that the children who progress to the reception class have a seamless transition.

Headteacher Chris Burman said: “This term, we were delighted to meet our newest and youngest members of the school and we all really look forward to embracing them as part of our wonderful Brent Knoll Primary School community.

“During the first few days of term, the pre-schoolers got to know the staff, their new room and to go out on walks to experience the lovely, peaceful environment of the village”.

Most children from the school move on to either Kings of Wessex in Cheddar or King Alfred’s in Burnham once they leave at the end of Key Stage 2.

If you are interested in your child attending the pre-school, contact the school on 01278 760546 or email

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