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Apply now for school places in 2022 says county council

PARENTS and carers in Somerset are being urged to apply for school places online and on time.

For secondary school places, applications open today and must be submitted before Sunday, October 31. This applies to all children moving from primary to secondary school, or middle to upper school, in September 2022.

A spokesperson for Somerset County Council said: “Whether your child is starting school for the first time, or transferring to their next school, applications need to be made through our website:

“Shortly before the deadlines reminder emails and/or letters will be sent to parents on the council’s database who have not yet applied – but the responsibility for getting applications in on time lies with parents and guardians.

Open days

Cllr Clare Paul, Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Public Health, said: “I urge parents and carers to check schools’ websites or social media for further information about virtual and face-to-face events and open days.

“This can help them decide where they would like to attend next year and which three schools they will include in their application.

“It’s an important decision and I would urge everyone to submit three preferences, including their local school as one of those preferences. In recent years, some applications have only included one preference for a non-local school.

“If demand is high for that single school, it can mean that students and parents must wait longer for a confirmed placement at a different school, making the experience all together more stressful.


“Once you have chosen your three schools, it is essential that applications are submitted before the deadline to avoid risking missing out on a preferred place.

“October 31 is the deadline for those transferring to secondary or upper schools next year and 15 January for those starting school for the first time. I’d encourage all students, parents and guardians to start looking at what is involved and which schools they are interested in now.”

Last year’s school admissions figures show that 98.5% of the 5,365 Somerset children who entered primary school were offered one of their top three choices. Of these, 94.58% received their first choice.

For secondary schools the figure for those offered one of their top three choices was 97.65% with 91.87% receiving their first choice.


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