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Mayor takes to the air waves to spread message

Mayor makes urgent plea as Sedgemoor sees surge in Covid cases

WITH Sedgemoor now ranking second in the country in terms of rates of Covid cases, Bridgwater’s Mayor has gone on BBC Radio urging people to ‘think of others and follow the guidance’. 

Cllr Leigh Redman said: “When I saw the numbers I started to ask the question myself. The numbers in Bridgwater seem amazingly high.

“Two thirds of the cases are young people between the age of 15 and 34 and Bridgwater has a relatively young population compared to the rest of the county. Things are opening up and there’s a higher level of social contact.

“I want to stress we’re all in this together so please follow the guidance. It would be horrible if due to a little slip, members of your family suffer, so please take care and follow the guidance.

“No one is breaking the law any more, the world is opening up and Bridgwater is going back to the vibrant place it was before, but we need to follow the guidance and consider everyone else. Get tested regularly, wear a mask indoors and all play our part.

“Everyone was expecting the cases to rise when we relaxed the rules so it’s not such a surprise. Previously we were very low but now we’re playing catch up.

“This delta virus is deadly and very easily spread, so follow the guidance, stay safe and we’ll get through this.”

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