SEDGEMOOR has seen a rise in reported cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus according to Public Health England.

In the latest 24 hour reporting period there were another 12 positive tests, taking the total since the pandemic began to 5,685.

Those identified in the latest week were among at least 3,902 cases of the variant recorded across the South West – the least affected of England’s nine regions.

Across the UK, 35,204 more cases were recorded in the last week to reach a total of 111,157 – a 46% increase.

Of these, 42 are the so-called Delta plus variant, which India’s health ministry has said spreads more easily, binds more easily to lung cells and is potentially resistant to some drug therapy which can help neutralise the virus.

But while the Delta variant now accounts for around 95% of new cases sequenced in the UK, PHE said vaccines continue to have a “crucial affect on hospital admission and death”.