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LETTER: How Boris Johnson’s antics are turning people off politics

AFTER all last week’s zenith of Tory sleaze and corruption over Owen Paterson MP’s aborted 30-day suspension, plus the amoral calling of a three-line party whip on a matter of MPs’ parliamentary ethics, it’s no wonder popular support for this Johnson-led government has plummeted.

After all, it was almost exclusively Johnson’s – aided and abetted by Commons leader Rees Mogg – usual treatment of parliament as some sort of pantomime, where his blathering gesticulating self-importance is the only thing that matters.

We’re just coming into ‘parliament week’ this week, when I and a small local group usually take to the High Street to advertise and promote interest and participation in our parliamentary democracy.


Sadly this year, because of Johnson’s narcissistic antics, nobody is any longer interested. They all highlight how Johnson’s antics, especially in weekly ‘Prime Minister’s Question Time’, has completely turned them off parliament from now on as anything other than a talking shop where the Tory party’s 87-seat overall majority – albeit from a racist-leaning general election Brexit vote – made it a Johnson-Cummings-ERG dictatorship.

Although the discredited and sacked Cummings has gone, and I had little time for him, he was the propaganda brains behind the Johnson rise to glory and it’s certainly worth noting how he, above all others, gave Select Committee testimony that he thought Johnson never a fit person to be Prime Minister.

Power mad

Very much against the odds I expect many people can remember the acrimonious departure of power-mad Thatcher in November 1990, primarily because of her persistence with the ridiculously unfair Poll Tax (now the Council Tax ).

In Tory ranks, much dependent on their millionaire so-called ‘grandees’ and donors, usually PMs don’t last long after their popular support evaporates, leaving many of us hoping for Johnson’s dutiful early departure forthwith. Come on you grandees, time to do it again !

All Somerset’s eight Tory MPs voted with the whip, especially our Tory MP for Taunton, Rebecca Pow, who appeared on BBC TV Daily Politics espousing how much she supported the original corrupt Johnson line to defer Paterson’s suspension.

Maybe there should be a ‘recall’ vote on her continuation unless she can fully explain her obsessive support for Johnson and his belittling of our democracy? Yours in making our parliamentary democracy better,

Alan Debenham


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