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Don’t be a noisy neighbour

AS we come together to see if football really is coming home, Sedgemoor District Council is urging us all to be responsible neighbours whilst supporting England and enjoying the prospect of an easing of lockdown rules this summer.

Everyone is looking forward to spending more time outdoors, meeting up with friends and family, arranging BBQs and parties. This inevitably causes music, loud voices and smoke from barbeques which can carry across gardens and through open windows.

Sedgemoor District Council’s Environmental Health Team have come up with ‘Be good to your neighbour’, working alongside other organisations such as Homes in Sedgemoor, landlords and the YMCA.

Every summer, there is a sufficient rise in noise nuisance and smoke complaints during the warm weather, so residents are being asked to play their part and be a good neighbour by letting neighbours know about a party or outdoor entertaining.

Top tips to avoid noise nuisance

  • Consider your neighbours (particularly if you are planning a garden get together or EURO 2020 celebration at your home).   Neighbours are generally tolerant if it’s not a frequent occurrence and feel that you are taking reasonable steps to consider them.
  • Inform your neighbours of the day, date and time of your party.  Try to stick to finish times and remember neighbours may have children, may have to go to work the following day or may be sleeping if on night shifts.
  • Be considerate when arranging the music – especially if the party is in the garden. Music (particularly bass notes) carries a long way.  If you can hear the music beyond the boundary of your home or upstairs, your neighbours will probably be able to hear it as well.
  • Respond to any requests or complaints – be prepared to turn the music down if asked.
  • After 2300 hrs reduce the music volume and take the party inside (if Covid restrictions allow).
  • Ask your guests leave quietly – raised voices and slamming doors late at night are equally as disturbing as loud music.
  • Remember to stay COVID safe and follow current government guidelines.

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