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Holly and Elka enjoying life again

Dogs saved from neglect are transformed thanks to RSPCA centre team’s dedication

TWO dogs who were rescued from neglect have been transformed and found happy new homes after extensive care and treatment at an RSPCA rescue centre in Somerset.

Holly, a French bulldog, and Elka, a German wirehaired pointer, arrived at  Brent Knoll Animal Centre in June where their journey of recovery began.

The pair had been saved by an RSPCA Inspector after they were found in poor health living in squalid conditions in sheds in the grounds of a hotel.

Earlier this month, their former owner was sentenced after admitting animal welfare offences, following a prosecution by the charity.Holly Brent Knoll arrival

Antonio Ronaldo Emillio Kovacs, 19, Bristol, was sentenced to 15 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months, and banned from keeping animals for ten years, when he appeared before Bristol Magistrates Court on October 14.

Kovacs was also ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work, and must pay £1,300 costs and a £128 victim surcharge.

Andy Cook, behaviour and welfare advisor at RSPCA Brent Knoll, said: “The first few days are always the hardest with any animal who has been rescued.

“It’s essential that they get swift and appropriate treatment and care at the moment they need it most, and Holly and Elka were certainly in desperate need when they first arrived at RSPCA Brent Knoll.

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Severely ulcerated

Holly was missing one eye which had been surgically removed previously. Her remaining eye was severely ulcerated and a serious risk of rupture.

Elka’s poor body was covered in scars with wounds that were of varying age, some healing and others fresh and infected. She also had areas of significant swelling.”

Over the following weeks the team continued to care for the duo and within weeks they saw Holly and Elka transformed and they got ready to find loving new homes where they could thrive and put the past behind them.

Andy added: “Holly’s eye sadly ruptured and she required urgent surgical intervention to save it. This then required a six week period of care whereby her eye received drops four times a day in order to support recovery.

“This procedure would then need to be reversed before we would know if it were a success and if Holly could see. She was almost completely blind for this six week period but robust little Holly, the star that she is, handled this brilliantly.

Limited vision

Thankfully, the operation to save her eye was a success but the severe damage and subsequent scarring has meant that she has limited vision in her one remaining eye.

Elka began to heal, assisted by necessary medications and the animal care team bathed her infected wounds. The swelling reduced and her hair began to grow. She found her smile and became incredibly affectionate.

“Both Holly and Elka have now been adopted by new owners and are loving their new lives filled with enriching experiences, including cuddles on comfy sofas and trips to the beach.


“We get to see how they are both doing with regular updates and pictures showing where they’ve been on adventures. It’s always the most rewarding part of our work to see animals who’ve come into our care in a horrendous condition transformed with the love and care they deserve.

We are always so grateful to people who adopt a rescue animal too. We couldn’t do what we do without the heroes who give rescue animals that special second chance.”

To find out more about how the team at RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Centre are helping transform the lives of animals, and to find out how to adopt a rescue animal in need of a loving home, visit their website

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