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Council invests in ambitious plans to support Somerset young people

AN ambitious and innovative approach to improve the life chances of Somerset’s highest needs children was given the green light by Somerset County Council’s Cabinet this week.

The ten-year programme will deliver a new way of working which will address the needs of Somerset’s most complex children and young people who are cared for by the council.

A spokesperson for the council said: This new service will create new employment and career development opportunities and promote growth and development in the social care sector in Somerset

“Children supported by this new service are more likely to have lots of difficulties. They are more likely to be victims of exploitation and go missing from home.

“They are less likely to go to school or training and have good future employment prospects. They can end up living a long way from the familiarity of their local school, family, and friends.

“The council will be seeking a strategic partner(s) to provide up to 10 new small homes in Somerset, linking these to foster carers and therapeutic education to provide a seamless service that will help children and young people to grow and flourish.

“Combining foster care and small homes will offer young people the experience of a stable home environment and the opportunity to live with a family when they are ready. Skilled therapists from different agencies and teachers will work together to provide wraparound support designed to meet their individual needs.

Right support at the right time

“This new innovative way of providing stable and nurturing homes provides an opportunity to improve how these children and young people are cared for, providing the right support at the right time, to enable them to become successful independent adults.”

Cllr Frances Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Children and Families at Somerset County Council, said: “We are developing an innovative service with a strategic partner to support our most vulnerable children and young people looked after in Somerset.”

“Our children and young people have shared their thoughts on what makes a good home. It must be safe, clean and warm and the people there must be understanding, honest, kind and helpful.

“It must be in a good location for school/work and freedom and free time. The young people have told us they do not like being away from the areas they know and want to be able to make enduring friendships. We are committed to delivering this for them.”

“With the new small homes with specialist staff and links with foster carers, we will be able to provide individual support: the right intervention at the right time that will bring the children and young people stability and improve their future life chances.”



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