Bridgwater Foodbank

Bonus for Bridgwater Foodbank

EXTRA funding has been made available to support Somerset’s foodbanks which have been playing a vital role throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to provide extra support this winter, grants of between £2,000 and £3,000 have been awarded to a number of foodbanks across the county as part of Somerset’s Food Resilience Programme.

The programme is run by the five councils in Somerset in partnership with several community organisations.

This funding is helping foodbanks to cope with increased demand and enable them to bolster their food capacity.

Phil Jarman, manager of the Bridgwater Foodbank, added: “We put together an additional 697 Christmas parcels to help families who may have needed a bit of extra support over the holidays.

“To do this we had to spend some of own money on items to supplement our donations, so this grant was gratefully received to help cover those costs.”



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