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Jo, pictured with her daughters

Women in Business: Jo’s hard work is paying off

IN the wake of International Women’s Day we are shining a light on some successful local businesswomen – and today the focus is on Jo McCallum of Fresh Colours Cleaning.

Jo started her Bridgwater-based business from scratch just 3½ years ago but now has a thriving concern with four people working for her.

And unlike many businesses, her workload has actually increased during the pandemic, due in part to her commercial contracts with the NHS and Somerset County Council.

Jo says: “I set up my business because I had a drive to do better for myself in life after leaving school with low grades and no career prospects.

“I also want to set a good example to my two children that working hard is a positive thing – starting from school age up into adulthood.

“Working hard means I can ensure I provide for them and also give myself a sense of achievement that I have created something that I can work well at and succeed.

“My business also allows me to create employment which also contributes to our local economy, while also providing a much needed service, especially since the current pandemic.

“The two main things I thrive on with my business are: teaching my children a life lesson on where you can get and what you become when you are willing to put effort in, and also creating a happy hard working team so we can continue providing as great a service as possible to all of our customers – many of which our service is a lifeline for.

“All of the above gives me a sense of purpose in the world – especially when it is said you cannot do it.”

“Along the way I have had to cope with a number of men who had trouble having me as a boss and I had to work pretty hard to show I can do what I want to do.

“Just for that reason I think its good to celebrate International Women’s Day so we are more and more accepted in business.”

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