Jonathan Jones-Pratt, managing director at JJPH, won an initial contract at the site almost ten years ago with his company Crosville Motor Services, then running just a handful of minibuses as work got under way.

Immensely proud

He said: “To see what’s been achieved at Hinkley Point C is remarkable and I am immensely proud that the business I started has been taken to new levels thanks to the joint venture with First Bus, and has played a key role in enabling many, many workers get to and from the site safely and efficiently.”

He added: “A huge thank you to all of our employees who have worked hard and diligently over the years, to the thousands of passengers who have used our services and to everyone involved in bringing this remarkable development to Somerset and making such a positive contribution to the community here.

“I feel that this is the right time to conclude a sale and step back from the SPS business in order to hand the reins to First Bus.

“I see this as a significant milestone which will support the delivery of many benefits to JJPH. This deal will provide the group with the funds to continue our wider visions in business development and re-focus group strategic direction.”