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Businesses urged to sign up to The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild

THE Wildlife Trusts have set employers a 30 day challenge to help boost the well-being of their workers.

A spokesperson said: “At a time when caring for employee well-being has never been more important, 30 Days Wild offers a proven way to feel happier and healthier, even months after taking part.

“We know that:

  • 41% of employees experienced poor mental health caused by work in 2020
  • 81% of employees taking part in team activity days with The Wildlife Trusts reported an increase in their overall wellbeing
  • 30 Days Wild boosts the health of participants by an average of 30%

“The 30 Days Wild annual challenge from The Wildlife Trusts has had more than a million participants to date – an estimated 650,000 people took part in 2020 alone.

“Every year, people sign up to do a ‘random act of wildness’ every day for 30 days during June. Popular activities include listening to birdsong, taking wildlife photographs and planting seeds. 30 Days Wild is proven to boost your mood, health, and sense of connection to nature.

“30 Days Wild participants are provided with ideas, wallcharts and activity sheets that give everyone easy ways of enjoying nature whatever their location. These ‘random acts of wildness’ range from walking barefoot on grass, to sitting beneath a tree or watching birds on a feeder.

“Results show that taking part in 30 Days Wild not only significantly increases people’s wellbeing and heightened sense of nature – but that these positive increases are sustained beyond the life of the challenge – for a minimum of two months after it is over.

“The people who benefit most are those who have a relatively weak connection with nature at the start.

“Sign up to take part in 30 Days Wild during the month of June – you will receive, for free:

  • 30 Days Wild business pack with weekly content to make it easy to get your employees going wild. Or employees can sign-up to receive daily emails
  • Details of fabulous events happening during the 30 Days Wild of June: a big wild breakfast, a literary wild talk, a big wild camp-out and a big wild quiz
  • A bundle of fun resources, Random Acts of Wildness – ideas for connecting to nature, and a wallchart to plot your 30 Days Wildexperience

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