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‘Use fireworks considerately’, says council

SEDGEMOOR council is urging residents to be considerate in their firework or bonfire celebrations and to avoid putting pressure on fire, ambulance and police services.

A spokesperson said: “Not everyone enjoys fireworks or bonfires, so for some pets or neighbours, this time of year can be a miserable, frightening and confusing time.

“Every year there are reports of fireworks causing stress and anxiety to vulnerable people and animals.”

“Over the coming weeks there are a few dates when fireworks are traditionally set of as part of celebrations:

  • Halloween – October 31
  • Diwali – November 4
  • Bonfire Night – November 5
  • New Year’s Celebrations – December 31 to January 3
  • Chinese New Year February 1

Organised events

“If you can try to go to an advertised organised firework event rather than having fireworks at home – vulnerable people or owners of animals will be more likely to know the event is going to happen and it will give them a chance to prepare.

“In addition, if people attend organised events it will reduce the overall number of fireworks being used in the community.

“If having fireworks at home have you thought of using lower noise (less than 97 decibels) or quiet fireworks as these will be less likely to effect vulnerable people or animals.

“Try to let your neighbours know in advance if you are going to use fireworks at home as it will give them time to prepare if they are vulnerable or have animals.

“Residents and event organisers should take precautions so as not to let fireworks off near livestock.

“Always clear up and dispose of firework debris and litter after the event, when it has cooled down and is safe to do so, to reduce litter and harm to wildlife may ingest the debris and the environment.”

Firework facts

  • It is illegal to store fireworks at home for longer than 14 days.
  • It is illegal to set off fireworks after midnight on bonfire night, 1am on New Years Day, Chinese New Year and Diwali, and 11pm on other days.
  • Sparklers cause more accidents than any other fireworks.
  • In five years, fireworks injured 350 preschool children so badly that they needed hospital treatment.
  • Fireworks can terrify animals, which is an offence under the Protection of Animals Act 1911. If, by your negligence, an animal is injured or causes damage, the owner could sue you for damages.
  • There is always an increase in the number of dogs reported as strays the day after Bonfire Night.




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