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The cart designs on show at the Carnival Centre in Bridgwater. PHOTO: Jeff Searle

Launch of carnival cart for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee receives ‘overwhelming’ response

PREPARATIONS are well under way for the building of the Bridgwater Carnival cart taking part in the pageant to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in London next year.

The Queen’s 70-year reign will be celebrated in June and Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival has been asked to take part.

This week the inital designs for the cart went on show at the carnival centre in the High Street.

And project leader Chris Hocking, gave an update on the progress being made at a special launch for all the clubs involved.

He said afterwards:  “We had a fantastic launch. It brought together over 70 people from nearly every carnival club in Bridgwater and beyond and I was able to present the design and the details of the pageant to them.

Enthusiasm ‘overwhelming’

“The enthusiasm coming as a result of that was overwhelming. I had people coming up to me afterwards suggesting ideas about how things could happen and new approaches to make those things happen.

“As a result of the evening we have been overwhlemed with offers of help in all areas. In particulars we had 21 engineers step forward – and probably the first part of building the cart would be the engineering side.

Model makers wanted

“We are a little bit short in the areas of model-making so we could do with one or two more volunteeers with that side of it. We have got a few models, not too many but there are some specifice models that we really do need making so we could do with some expertise in that area.

“Apart from that we have 76 people who want to paint, about 45 people who want to perform and a lot of carpenters and electricians but we could always do with more. So if you really want to get involved do get in touch with me.

“It’s all taking place in Carnival Club headquarters in their sheds so it’s an opportunity for anybody to get back into carnival.

“I know there’s a lot of people out there itching to get their power tools and their paintbrushes out so do coming along and help. Every little helps as the saying goes.”

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