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Join the journey for a one-off performance in Highbridge

THERE’s the chance to join local artists and members of the community for a one-off free event with local performers Pirates of the Carabina telling their stories of journeys at the Morland Community Hub this afternoon from 2.15pm to 4.30pm.

Pirate Taxi is a humourous, family-friendly circus show suitable for adventurers of all ages taking place in, on and around an old-school London Taxi,

A spokesperson for the artists said: “The performance has all the hallmarks of a Pirates of the Carabina show – original live music, humour, a mechanically ingenious set, and extraordinary aerial performance.

“Telling POTC’s own story of Circus to Somerset, Pirate Taxi weaves in themes of journeying, displacement and the annual migration of birds.

“Audiences are invited to join in the ride as the taxi becomes a travelling trove of stories, anecdotes and ruminations. And there is always room for one more.

“Through a series of workshops, local theatre-maker Selina Keedwell and Pirates of the Carabina’s Shaena Brandel have been working with members of the community to create the curtain raiser, a brand-new theatre piece based on tales of travel.

“During workshops, they have shared stories of travel including journeys they might have made in the past and those they
hope to make in the future. Participants learned new theatre skills and Shaena put them through their paces as they learned exciting new circus skills.”

Theatre maker Selina Keedwell said: “It has been a privilege to work with members of the community from all generations. The stories shared have been funny, moving and inspiring; capturing journeys from the Wye Valley to Mount Everest! Participants have explored aerial
circus, verbatim, set design and much more.

“Every person involved has brought something new to the project and we can’t wait to share the performance and celebrate the towns’ creativity at the Morland Hub. This free performance will be a one off so don’t miss your chance to share in their stories.

Seed Director Scott O’Hara said “Seed is thrilled to be able to create this opportunity for another free performance in Highbridge, but more than that to enable local people to take part in the event and share their stories alongside the professionals.”

For more information call Take Art on 01460 249450.

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