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Pictured with the cheque, from left: carnival project director Chris Hocking, Arthur Leigh, Jill Goodenough and Mike Crocker. PHOTO: Jeff Searle

Grant will help Bridgwater carnival clubs through ‘very difficult period’

BRIDGWATER’S carnival clubs have received a welcome shot in the arm in the form of a cheque for £28,500.

Covid-19 has had a devastating consequences on everyday life and Bridgwater’s carnival clubs have experienced the effects of the pandemic through the loss of fund-raising opportunities to raise the income needed just to meet their everyday costs.

A spokesman for the clubs said: “The cost of insurances, rents, buildings and equipment maintenance and utilities have continued throughout the pandemic and clubs have had to dig into meagre reserves or rely on the generosity of their members to see them through this difficult period.

“Therefore a grant made to Bridgwater Carnival from the Government’s Cultural Recovery Fund came along at just the right time and this is now helping the organising committee, and its 16 affiliated carnival clubs based in the borough, to recoup some of their expenses and prepare for the time when carnival normality returns.”

The clubs have received a total of £28,500 and a cheque for that amount was presented to the Bridgwater Gangs & Features by Mike Crocker, President of Bridgwater Carnival, who said: “The aim of the Cultural Recovery Fund programme is to support cultural organisations as they transition back to a viable and sustainable operating model during April – June 2021.

“The Carnival Committee was able to take the lead in obtaining funds and we are delighted that we are able to support all Bridgwater carnival clubs who are associated with the town’s Gangs & Features organisation.”

The cheques were received by the president of that organisation, Arthur Leigh.

He said: “On behalf of the clubs involved, I would like to thank the committee for their splendid efforts in securing funding in this way which will be a great boost in helping our locally based carnival clubs survive this very difficult period.”

Bridgwater Carnival was one of over 2,700 organisations to be offered awards in April as part of the second round of the Cultural Recovery Fund totalling over £390m and which has been administered by Arts Council England.

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